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Hey Y’all 

I’m Logan Michelle. I am a personal trainer, Air Force Reserve Medic, and Registered Nurse. My passion and drive is helping people. I love helping people learn new things, and discovering they are capable of more than they ever expected. As a medic I personally understand that one’s physical ability to get the job done is greater than any mental knowledge one can have. As a nurse I recognize that one’s physical health has a huge impact on all aspects of life. As a personal trainer I bring these two worlds together. Personal training is about reaching goals to help you feel better, look great in your clothes, and sexy naked, in addition to recovering from illness faster than your peers.

As a personal trainer my job is to help you reach your personal best as quickly and safely as possible, so let’s work together to discover and reach your new goals. 

The Gym is full of professional equipment ranging from free weights, bands, balls, ropes to machines. The squat rack is a 3D machine allowing for two-way movement with each set. The leg press and calf rack are free weighted. The cross cable, lat pull down, and pull up assist are pre weighted. I have everything your commercial gym would have.

Age is nothing but a number and it is never too late to become the best version of yourself!


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